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Summer lovin'

This morning I went....to the tanning bed. (dun dun dunnnnnnn!)

I know, I know.

But I'm putting my money on heredity, because so far my genes haven't even presented any wrinkles at the age of 39 so I'm hoping they're protecting me against even worse skin conditions.

And I have no intentions of fake-tanning myself into tanorexia. I just, you know - want a little jump start on some summer color.

Speaking of which, I'm off to my friend Vicky's to look for a new suit now.

New tan, new VS suit, new haircut... Sounds like we're gonna be blown over when the pictures are posted! Enjoy the pampering. :)

I agree with Mark. I'm excited to see the spring, wrinkless you!

don't hold your breath for a photo. The haircut is a huge disappointment.

Where you be, K? It's not like you to go this long between posts..........

I hit the tanning bed as well this week...dont tell my friends, i need a head start on that glowy skin =)

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