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Spring Fashion News on the blogosphere

Two great things have happened to my blog this week.

First, this site contacted me and asked me to be a partner in their Fashion Community! From their site:

Coutorture gives fashion lovers news, commentary, and community in one convenient location. Integrating old media, fashion blogs, online magazines, and exclusive new media rich content, all while promoting a live forum of feedback and active participation, Coutorture is the new destination for online fashion.

Julie and her team are still getting the site up and running and I'm not even sure what it means for me except that I think they may pick up some of my fashion content from Overdressed. You can read more about it here.

The second really cool fashion find this week has been the fashion blogger Kristopher Dukes, who I think I may have been separated from at birth, only she was raised by the really cool, hip fashionista parents in NYC and I had to fend for myself with the Mormon family in Mississippi whose mom sewed matching culotte outfits for her girls. I highly recommend her entire site, but this page in particular caused me to have heart palpitations and I think there may have even been some sexual gratification involved.

am way jealous. am very happy for you. but am way jealous.

Congrats on the gig. That's kewl!


Wow. Talk about a perfect match. Congratulations, dear.

Darling, I just found this blog. I ooh la love you even more.

By the way, I've family in Mississippi. :O We ARE sole soulmates!


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