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Disclaimer to the Disclaimer

That previous post should have been published with a disclaimer, which would have read thusly:

*No offense to women who marry younger men. What's offensive was the way the woman was practically screaming, "LOOK AT ME! SEE HOW YOUNG AND TRENDY I AM???"

**Also, I think it's funny that Big Daddy's friend was married to that.

***If any of you who are from here know these people and recognized them because of my complete lack of attempt to veil their identities, then I'm sorry. I'm deeply embarrassed and morbidly ashamed of myself.

I don't know who you're talking about, but I know the type. ha. She sounds like this lady I came across at Brooks a couple of months ago (except my lady probably had 10x more plastic surgery than anyone on the planet). If my camera had been handy & I wouldn't have been kicked out of the exhibit, I seriously would have taken her picture & posted it on my blog.

Rude or not, it was just ridiculous. ha ha. She looked like an alien. I just didn't get it. I just chuckled to myself & moved on. I just figure if they purposely go out into public looking like that, I have the right talk, stare, whatever. And stare I will, ha ha ha. (okay long-ass comment over. :) )

Apologies, a-schmologies.

I'm just here for your blog's name -

I spent the last couple of hours at a fashion trade show in a champagne satin and chiffon cocktail dress with decorative stitching, a floaty mini skirt, and dropped waist. Plus a string of long pearls, 4" ponyskin heels, and my usual 5 lbs of black eyeshadow.

Are we fashion soulmates?

Either way, you've my ooh la love.

Found you blog hopping... Let's exchange links. Look for yours in my sidebar, under "Fashion Blogs."


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