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Be patient

As you can see, I made a little change. It was a bit nerve-wracking, but I think I took all the necessary precautions so that I wouldn't lose my ass.

But I'm tweaking, so be patient with me. Like for instance, WHERE THE HELL ARE MY COMMENTS????

OK, comments are back. But Blogger has made great improvements to their comments since I started blogging (like, it used to be that you had to register w/ Blogger just to leave a comment & I figured I'd get more readers/commenters if I went with something else). So I think I'm going to switch back from Haloscan to Blogger comments. Which is to say that all my old comments (from Haloscan) are not going to be here. Not that I didn't cherish them. But they're gone now. Hope that doesn't hurt anyone's feelings.

plus....I like seeing your photos and what-have-you's.

Redecorating.. I like it!!

New look's much cleaner. I'd prolly put the password protect on your comments, though, because you're likely to get spammed to hell ...

I need to change my blogger picture. Think I'll do that right now (if I can remember how, or figure it out).

Oh yes, password protect your comments. Take my word for it, the spam will be unbearable. I am speaking as the voice of experience here.

Oh yeah, and our blogs are identical. Weird that I just noticed that. Obviously I am not extremely observant. ha!

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