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Weekend Update

My Kid has swimmers ear. Had it since Florida, I guess, since that's when he first started complaining about it. I just got around to taking him to the doctor today.

Sister's kids are here with my mother while the sister & her husband move. I'm assuming they're going to tell the kids where they moved to. Apparently the kids couldn't participate in the move b/c they both just had their tonsils out. It makes no sense to me, either.

Mother had to take her nanny-child to a party today, and she couldn't very well bring two extra, uninvited kids with her, so she took my niece & nephew to my brother's for the day. You might be wondering why the nanny-kid's own parents don't take him to a party on the weekend. My brother and I wonder the same thing, but we quit asking questions about the nanny-family a long time ago.

My Kid & I went down to my brother's since I thought he might want to spend some time with all his cousins.

And since I've been reading blogs like this and this and this, not to mention all the web sites challenging LDS faith, I get a little uneasy when my 12-year-old niece tries to get me to sing "Book of Mormon Stories" with her. It's so weird. Today she was telling my brother that beer is bad and "anything is better than beer" so I asked her, "Yeah? How about coffee?" just because I like fucking with her and her damn Mormon attitude that is full-on in overdrive and she hasn't even graduated from Primary yet.

Photos of the day soon. I forgot my camera, so I have to wait until SIL posts hers.