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Driving Lessons: the Exercises

OK so check it out. Last week we had our Driving Lessons training classes, right? And it went well. I mean, nobody ran screaming from the room or anything. My boss is being a real prick about telling us not to "celebrate too early" and using all these sports metaphors about the game not being won yet, but what else is new?

So we had decided that after everyone went through the class, we would then assign them some driving exercises to do on their own time back at their desk. And we wanted to set up these exercises in teams because that's how they'll actually be driving when this thing goes live on July 1, and we wanted to make the exercises as realistic as possible. So I assign the creation of these exercises to this other manager because it seemed like it was going to be a real pain (what with creating the job teams AND creating the exercises) and I really didn't want to do it, so technically I guess I was dumping and not really delegating (I learned that in my very helpful HR training class that I had to take yesterday that was not only enjoyable but beneficial and not a waste of my time AT ALL) . . . but whatEV. I told her to do it. She likes being included.

So this other manager, she creates these exercises. And today she emails them out to the department along with their deadlines for completing them. AND THE BITCH ASSIGNED AN EXERCISE TO ME!!

TO ME! The only person in the building who actually knows how to drive this whore. SHE ASSIGNED ME AN EXERCISE!!

Holy crap WTF is wrong with people?