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Laughs Aplenty

So some of my favorite reads have been nominated for Best of Blogs (BoB) awards, and I was over there voting for them today and thought I would take a break from all the back-breaking work I have been slaving away at through the holidays and since returning from vacay, umm...nine days ago and read some of the other nominated blogs that I'm not familiar with. Because, let's face it, blog award sites are great places to find new fun blogs. Especially this one because it awards REAL blogs, the ones we like to read, not all those crappy political sites.

I encourage you to do the same. And vote for some. Vote for any. Don't vote for the ones I feature here. I'm just trying to provide my own little highlight reel for you.

Today I came across Geese Aplenty, which is nominated for Best Overall Blog, but truly should be dually-awarded Most Humorous Blog as well because this dude is Fun.Ny. A sample:

(From Wednesday, December 15, in reference to Rev. Donald Wildmon of The American Family Association filing complaints with the FCC re: showing "Saving
Private Ryan" on network television on Veteran's Day)
At first I was sympathetic to the good Reverend and the American Family Association. I mean, I saw Saving Private Ryan in the theaters and I thought it was pretty indecent too. All those brave, upstanding soldiers sacrificed their lives—for Matt Damon? What’s up with that? If I were those guys, I would have stuck him right back where I found him.
"Sir, we found Private Ryan.”
"Well, could you un-find him? We can’t let him get back to civilization and
make The Legend of Bagger Vance and All the Pretty Horses."

And make sure you read the Tuesday Dec. 21 post "What A Card" about the Christmas Card he received in the mail that wasn't his. Absolutely riotous! Don't read it at work if you don't want to be caught laughing out loud.