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Fun with Cabinet Members. And eggs.

Tonight My Kid had a social studies assignment to complete a worksheet using www.whitehouse.org. Ha! Remember when "history" class was still "social studies?" Apparently, when you go to school in the suburbs in 2005 they just assume that all the students have computers and internet access at home to complete these types of assignments. But whatever.

Anyway...there were a couple questions he couldn't find answers to, so I was helping him complete the worksheet when I got home from work. We finished up and then he saw an additional question at the end that he had overlooked: Name 12 cabinet members and their positions.

I left him on the Cabinet page to copy the names and titles. Soon I heard him making comments:
"This Secretary of Defense guy looks like the guy on The West Wing."

"Yeah," I call from the kitchen where I'm mixing myself a margarita. "Only he's not as smart."

"The Secretary of Health and Human Services is named 'Tommy Thompson'!!" [Son: Laughs uproariously at ridiculous name.] [Mom: Explains how sometimes people have a first name that is a nickname on their last name.]

"Why is it 'Colin' and not 'Collin'?" [Mom: Explains pronouncation rules to sixth grader who is obviously not up on his phonics.]

"The Secretary of the Treasury looks like Terry Bradshaw." Huh? Don't know who that is? Come on! John Snow! Let's go people! You call yourselves Americans???

I came in to check on his work. "See, look," he said, scrolling back up to Rumsfeld. "He looks like the guy on The West Wing."

"Yeah, he's the Devil. And see him?" I say, scrolling over to Tom Ridge. "He's the Devil, too. And him?" John Ashcroft. "He's Satan. He just THINKS he has a place in heaven."

My Kid has no idea what I'm talking about. He just assumes they're all Republicans since he knows that Republican=Evil.

He finishes the assignment and says, "Mom, come here. I want to show you something."

And he's on this page.

Have I ever mentioned here that I collect eggs? Remind me sometime to post some photos of the eggs in my collection. I'm flattered that he found this and thought of me. I excitedly start clicking on each state to view their egg.

Of course, by now I'm on my second margarita. So it's pretty easy to start having Fun With Eggs.

Transcript (with photos) to follow... (WARNING: State prejudices included.)