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And she's got a pretty wintry blue design, too

Here's the next BoB nominee that I want to introduce you to: Filegirl. She's up for Best Overall Blog. ("I don't even wear overalls!" she says.) Here's a sample of her, from today's post:

Today was Andrea's first day back to school after Christmas vacation and her district ended up sending them right back home early due to an impending ice storm.

It's not official yet, but probably no school at all tomorrow.

Not fair! Not fair! To whom do I complain?

Don't worry - I didn't complain to Andrea. I knew she'd have visions of our mother/daughter ping pong matches and us sipping hot chocolate together on the couch. She'd probably ask me to help her learn some songs in her new flute book and I'd have to listen to the background noise of her favorite channels blaring on TV all day long.

I sighed and thought about the less time to myself and to get stuff done - right when I thought I'd be getting back to my own schedule again.

But at least it'd be a fun day for her.

Then tonight before dinner Rodney asked Andrea to say the prayer.

"Dear God, thank you for this day. Thank you for this food and please bless it into our bodies. And please, Puh-LEASE let me have school tomorrow cause it's so boring here with mommy. Amen."

Go check her out and go vote for who you think are the Best of Blogs!