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Finally...a blog

I was thrilled to take third place in Emily's "Win a Blog" contest. Of course, Redsaid (who won) got herself a blog. And Carmen (who came in second) has her "Mom to the screaming masses." And then there was "Kalisah, who doesn't have a blog..." I knew I had to do it. Had to get me a blog. I want me a nicely designed fancy blog, but that'll have to be budgeted. For now, a kind soul named mice turned me on to this site. I'm all about fast & free.

So, in order to give you something to read, I'm going to begin my blogging journey by posting my Win a Blog entries. Hope you enjoy.

Congratulations. Its not good for pictures but as far as speed to first post. Its hard to beat Blogger.

Glad you have a place to write. Its already off to a great start.

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