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Cast of Characters

Big Daddy – that’s my husband of 11 years. Here’s a quick history of our relationship: we met; we became friends; we dated other people; he fell in love with me; I hesitated; I gave in; we kissed; I got pregnant; we moved in together; we went on food stamps; we had a kid (boy, 7 lbs, 21 inches, 16 hours of labor, no drugs); we got married; he graduated college; he got a real job; I graduated college; I got a real job; we bought a house; we prospered; we bought a new and bigger house in the suburbs. That about covers it.

My Kid – There’s just the one. He’s almost 11 with a smart mouth that will rival any teenager. Tall, smart, athletic. Has a girlfriend already. And a cell phone. Growing up entirely too fast, I would say.


College Boy – Big Daddy’s best friend. He rents our first house from us, since it’s convenient to the university where he attends.

The Twins – Identical twin boys that are My Kid’s best friends.

Santa Maria -- my friend & nail tech. Single mom; three boys (including one in a wheelchair); no financial support from an ex that she loved & supported for 13 years. Then he ran off back to their homeland so that she can’t even go after the deadbeat. Still, she paid off thousands of dollars of his debt that she got saddled with in the divorce, and just bought herself a house. On a nail tech’s salary. She’s a saint. Really.

The Princess -- another Latina friend. She doesn't work. And drives a BMW. Her husband, a Porsche. She has a designer purse. Several of them actually. And Manolos. Pretty much everything I want. Still, she's fun and sweet and I like her a lot. But I refuse to try to be her, which is what most of her friends do.