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21 Grams

I rented the DVD of “21 Grams.” I had to, ya know. I have this policy about watching movies that are shot in my hometown to see what all I can pick out and recognize.

A friend of mine (who, BTW, was an extra in the film) saw it in the theater and had told me not to waste my money. He said it was the most depressing film he’s ever seen. Wha…? It did so well in Venice. Yeah, he said, those are the kind of people that would like it. Ahhh, the artsy-fartsy people. I probably qualify for that, so I rented it.

And I was riveted. Riveted, I say.

You know the movie’s not told in chronological order, right? I was afraid that might turn me off. Or I wouldn’t be able to follow it. But I thought it actually worked for this guy. The thing is, there’s not all that much that actually HAPPENS in the movie. If it were told in order, it would be kind of slow. Piecing together what-happened-when is part of what keeps you sucked in.

I thought Naomi Watts was amazing. I haven’t really seen much that she’s done prior to this. I will start paying more attention.

And that guy who played Naomi’s dad? Loved him! Where did he come from? Oh, wait a minute…dude! That’s my vice president!

The twist at the end – totally got me. I love, love, LOVE movies that don’t have predictable endings. But don’t give me unpredictability that is unbelievable or just added for shock value. None of that Hollywood bullshit here. A good kick-ass ending, that’s all.

I can see where not everyone would dig this movie. But I sure did.