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Live DVR Blogging the Golden Globes

Jennifer Hudson - TOLD YOU
(Look at Beyonce! She's tearing up! Maybe she's not a shitty actor after all!)
Why are they cashing in on JT's popularity? Not like he's really in TV or movies (yet).
At least they had the decency not to put the camera on Cameron like they put the camera on Justin when Britney kissed Madonna at that one award show.
Still, funny imitiation of Prince!
Now, is it really fair to put a regular old TV actor up against someone like Jeremy Irons?? (Loved him in that, BTW)
Isn't Evangeline Lily engaged to that little Hobbit guy from her show? I would've expected more than courteous applause from him when they named her nomination.
And a little pat on the shoulder or something when she LOST would've been nice. Geddit? LOST??
Kira - YES! *pumps fist*
Why does Renee Zellweger always have that smirk on her face?
I've never heard of that movie "Gideon's Daughter" but if Emily Blunt was half as good in it as she was Devil, then I figure she probably deserves this award.
She's one to watch, I tell ya.
And I really like her dress!!
(Wonder if it's Prada?)
OK, before they give the award for Male Actor in a TV Drama, I just want to remind you again that I will be very happy with any of these as winners.
But WOOT! HUGH! Takes it again!
And shows his comedic side, which we Americans forget he has.
Along with his English accent.
I totally love this man.
Let's hope the Emmy's are paying attention this year.
...fastforwarding over Nancy O'Dell's side interview with Hillary Skank...who, let's face it, we really haven't loved since she tamed Steve Sanders.
How does NBC make any money off this show? They obviously haven't sold any advertising since all the commercials are for THEIR OWN SHOWS.
....fastforwarding over Cars animation acceptance speech....we don't care. We don't even know who you are....
Best Actress Musical or Comedy - pleasedon'tbeBeyonce pleasedon'tbeBeyonce pleasedon'tbeBeyonce. Meryl Streep. Soooo not Beyonce.
And look! Not dressed like an old hag this year.
How refreshing.
Nice to see her looking like the icon that she is.
Salma could've done a lot better than a dress that resembles a torn-up t-shirt.
She's so beautiful and has such a fab body.
Elizabeth I - another win for me!
I hope to be as cool as Helen Mirren some day. She's fab.
Smirk. I'm not kidding - every time they show Renee Zellweger. Does she hate everyone? Is that is?
OK, did you notice when they put the camera on Eddie Murphy who is sitting behind him? PRINCE. Uh-huh.
No wonder JT waited so long to accept the songwriting award on his behalf.
He must've been all, "Dude, why aren't you coming up on stage?"
Eddie Murphy - another sure thing, really.
But what kind of crazy world are we living in when EDDIE FREAKING MURPHY is winning acting awards?? Never thought I'd see that day.
Ya'll, you know who looks really, really pretty tonight? Reese Witherspoon. I think I'll wear my hair like that tomorrow.
I'm confused why she's sitting with Jack Nicholson though.
And a little frightened.
Are they saying Bill Nye? Like, The Science Guy?
Oh, sorry. Bill Nighy.
Although he kind of looks like the Science Guy with those horn-rimmed glasses on.
Cameron, Cameron, Cameron. This is no way to try to show up your ex. You look haggard, my dear.
And your dress is horrid. Too much. It's all too much.
Dang. Alec Baldwin? Well, they say he's pretty funny on that show.
Blah blah. Well his speech certainly isn't very entertaining.
So meanwhile, here's some other people that I thought looked great: Drew Barrymore (very flattering dress; pretty pastel make-up), America Ferrara (ditto on the dress. And great color, too.), Eva Longoria (great dress), Emily Blunt (ditto), Jennifer Lopez (understated make-up, 60s-style hair)
WOW! Ugly Betty beat out The Office AND Weeds! That's pretty impressive.
And look how fab they all look!!
People who I do not think looked great: Beyonce (just, ick. She's got that plastic Barbie chest thing going on. And that dress was completely ridiculous.), Vanessa Williams (that horrible hair), Cate Blanchett (weird dress; looked good from the neck up though), Nicholette Sheridan (that looks like a Barbie doll dress)
How is that Iwo Jima movie a foreign language film? I'm confused.
And when did Clint Eastwood join the priesthood?
Oh nevermind. That's just his tie.
Heh. Prince was stuck in traffic.
How much does that suck to win a Golden Globe and miss it b/c you were stuck in traffic.
America Ferrera is so beautiful and amazing. And she's crying walking up to the stage. How sweet and charming is she??
....fastforwarding through the Warren Beaty tribute....
Adding a few more names to the not great list: Kate Winslet (and you know I have a same-sex crush on her. But her dress was too pale and her lipstick was too dark. Didn't like it.), Jennifer Love Hewitt (what is this weird big hair she's wearing these days?), Chloe Sevigny (WHAT were those shoes??), Patricia Arquette (please tell me you didn't pay someone to recommend that dress. Not your finest hour.)
Marty gets a win.
Think he'll finally get his Oscar?
Some more people who looked great: Everyone from Ugly Betty, Ali Larter (I'm not even sure who she is but her dress looked great. As did her hair. Is she dating that Milo kid now?)
Reese, why are you standing like you have to pee?
Sasha Baron Cohen. Go me.
Umm, he has an accent? Where is he from?
I've never seen him out of character. Any character.
Funny, funny stuff.
Gross, but funny.
Which is why I don't think I could sit through the movie.
Dream Girls
Feh. Gray's. I like it. I watch it. It's not the cream of the crop anymore.
Big Daddy just commented that Phillip Seymour Hoffman is "starting to look like Wilford Brimley."
Well this is pretty cool: Helen Mirren won one Globe for playing Elizabeth I and another one for playing Elizabeth II.
Oooh, big upset. Forrest Whitaker.
Looking like half the man he used to be.
I do want to see that movie.
Great speech.
I love when people get all emotional.
OK, I didn't PICK-pick Babel, but I'm taking credit for it anyway, since I did say I thought it might pull the upset, did I not??

Tomorrow: PHOTOS!

What's the blue lapel pin Alec is wearing?


Right, the jigsaw puzzle piece. I noticed several people wearing them but I don't know what they represented.

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