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I just want to know how it is that one attains such things

Our neighbors occasionally house sit for some friends of theirs and my son spends the night with them over there. All I ever hear about is the saltwater pool with the waterfall. I'm not sure why someone would prefer a saltwater pool, but whatever. Maybe it requires less maintenance or something.

So last night he was invited to go over there with them again. We had plans to go out to eat, so I got driving directions to the house and drove him out there after we ate. Now, we live in the county, just outside the city limits. And this house was about 10 miles out from mine. It felt like lightyears.

I'm driving out this little two-lane, unlit, country road. The speed limit is 45 but you have to keep hitting your brakes because you can't see where the road goes. The directions she gave me were street names only, no landmarks. So it took a lot longer to get out there than it did to get home. On the way out there, I just kept thinking that I was glad to be in Big Daddy's car. If I have one downfall that I will readily admit, it's that I have a lousy sense of direction. I've never, ever, once gotten off an elevator and knew which way to turn. I figured if I got lost out here all alone on my way home, I'd dial in to Daddy's OnStar and tell them to get me the hell home.

When we finally arrive, I couldn't believe the size of this house. It was 10,000 square feet if it was one. In the front was a big fountain. I drove around to the back of the house where he would go in, and there was another house behind this one - about the size of my home - with a big front porch, dormer windows, etc.

"Who lives there?" I ask My Kid.

"That's the stables," he says.

My "house" is something like 600 sq. ft. I'm so jealous.

And, as far as I know, the saltwater pools just have easier maintence. You don't have to worry with chemicals, just add some salt or something. (I've read a little about it, because I hate dealing with the chemicals.)

Don't you wonder what these people do for a living? I mean.. where in M-town do they work and can afford such a house?

I asked my neighbor that. B/c seriously - I WANT TO KNOW! He said they owned a business which they sold in the height of its success and made a killing. Didn't mention what kind of business it was.

(The house was out Macon Road about 5 miles past Houston Levee)

I got a bridge over to West Memphis I'm willing to sell . . .

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