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And the pretty high-heeled shoes, they were so sad

I went to a podiatrist today. This is not a doctor that I ever had aspirations of visiting, as I think they view my pretty shoes as the enemy. But I have this knot on the ball of my foot that really hurts me (when I wear high heels) so I went to get it checked out.

Turns out I have some kind of cyst that will have to be surgically removed. Yikes. He said it was caused by - you guessed it - the heels. And he said that I will have stitches in the sole of my foot for three weeks after the procedure so he suggested that I wait to have it done until we get back from vacation at the beach.


Yikes! Do remind us closer to time so we can send best wishes. Meantime, all the more reason to keep off your feet! :)

omg. your poor shoes!!! they're going to be so lonely!!!

did zee foot doc give you any suggestions/advice about how to avoid one on the other foot? you know, aside from wearing sensible footwear ;)

Ewwww, that's no fun. Will you get to wear one of those big puffy padded things on your foot? You might get to use a sit-n-shop though.... Feel better soon.

yuck, sorry my soul(of my feet) gos out to ya :^)
feel better soon.

That is the worst news I have heard all day. I feel for you and your shoes. Get better soon.

The very thought of getting a cut on the foot makes me shudder from tip to toe. Quick recovery vibes heading at you.

That is the worst thing that can happen to a girl that loves shoes...ok, that and having your foot removed.

You and I both know this won't stop you from being a slave to fashion.

Ask for a high heeled cast!

oh if you get a cast as for one that has glitter. I saw a little girl with a cast that was blue with all kinds of glitter. If you cant have a high heel at least you have to get glitter.

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