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Two Truths and a Lie - Music Edition

You pick the lie, based on what you know about me....or think you know....

1. I know all the songs from Van Halen's first album.
2. I sang "The Greatest Love of All" in the talent portion of my high school beauty pageant.
3. The only band I've ever seen in concert multiple times is the Beach Boys.

(no fair giving the answer away if you actually know me)

No earthly idea here. My wild wild guess would be #3.

I'm going to go with #3.

Yeah, I'm goin' with #3 also. Why? Because that just doesn't seem to be your type of music!

I'm going with #1. You seem like a secret Beach Boy Lover to me.

I say three too.

I don't remember ever reading anything about you liking to sing. Especially in public.

remember, we're guessing which one is the LIE

I know what is true but you said if we know you we can not put our answer in so I will wait for the answer to see if I m right.

#1 is the lie

I would say #2 is the lie. If it isn't do you have video??

See, I've just gotta think #3 is the lie but I could be wrong so I'm actually going to go with #2. Heh. I said #2.

I'm thinking if you sang Greatest Love of All in a pageant, you ain't knowing any Van Halen lyrics. On the other hand, if you know Van Halen lyrics, you ain't entering any pageant.
So it's gotta be one of those two.

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