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They put a Walgreen's on every corner for people like me

Years ago I used to date a body builder who was very anti-supplement (it wouldn't be accurate to call him "anti-drug" but that's not really the point of this story). It appalled him that my medicine cabinet held so many over-the-counter medications. He thought I'd be a lot healthier and wouldn't need Advil and Immodium and Robitussan and Pepcid ad infinitum if I just exercised regularly. HA. That relationship didn't last long.

But the truth is, I do keep OTC medications on hand for just about anything that might ail me or my loved ones. I am quick to go to the medicine chest and I even do it with My Kid.

This evening at bedtime he came in and told me he thought he had chicken pox!! Upon inspection, what he had was a whole lot of mosquito bites that I'm guessing he got tonight at soccer practice. He complained that it itched and I said, "You want some Benadryl?" and I dispensed 4 tsp for him without batting an eye.

He also has cough medicine, decongestant, non-drowsy cold medicine, nighttime cold medicine, liquid Immodium, children's advil, Neosporin, hydrocortisone cream, cough drops and nose spray in his bathroom cabinet.

And that's just the kids' medications.

Am I totally out of control? Do those of you with kids turn to OTC meds for their every complaint? Mind, I'm not talking about prescription Rx for conditions diagnosed by a physician. I'm talking about self-medication. What about you? How often do YOU take OTC meds?

Do soy lattes count?

If so, perhaps we should both look on getting on a talk show about OD'ing on OTC. Could be good press for our blogs.

Hmm, let's see.....

We are big takers of ibuprofen for headaches around here. If my big kids tell me that they have a headache, I'll send them up to get some. So, maybe twice a week someone is getting some. I won't hesitate to give benadryl for allergies or runny nose. It DOES have that unfortunate sedating side effect....

I have a lot of OTC stuff on hand for me and Hubby (ibuprofen, acetaminophen, antacid, Immodium, decongestant) and a few things for the kids (ibuprofen and acetaminophen liquid, decongestant, cough medicine), although Hoss is the only one who takes any of it without a fight so I only give anything to the other two if they are big time sick. We always have a stock of Neosporin and anti-itch cream as well as a variety of band-aids to put a hospital to shame (flexible bandages, clear ones, waterproof ones, waterproof ones with Disney Princesses, Blues Clues ones, Curious George ones, great big ones that cover an entire skinned up knee, those little round ones that are perfect for when I nick a mole while I'm shaving my legs...)

Hint: those little round ones are also good if you want to go braless.

I think that's normal. I mean, if you don't keep it on hand, you'll just have to run out every time someone gets a sniffle or a tummy ache or mosquito bites. And isn't that what OTC is for? So you don't have to go to the doctor for every little thing when you already know how to treat it?

I have OTC stuff at home, in my purse and in the vehicle. Everybody knows if they ever need anything from pain reliever, upset stomache meds to band-aids that I am the girl to see. Yes, I take it as needed, but I just gotta always be prepared! Great post!

Oh hell yes! I think I have at least one of everything that they sell at Walgreens. I take something every day. But, um, you probably shouldn't go by me!

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