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Summer Beauty Makeover

Lots of you have been asking, "Kalisah, what sort of make up routine do you follow in the summertime that gives you that flawless, sun-kissed face?"

OK, not really, but let's pretend like a lot of you have been asking me that.

Colors will mostly vary depending on your skin tone and hair color, but when a certain shade is preferred I've taken the incentive to name it for you. I sometimes recommend using your finger to apply rather than a make-up brush because I think it allows more control, especially when you're going for light coverage. However, always wash your hands thoroughly before and after applying anything to your face with your hands to avoid spreading bacteria and causing breakouts.

1. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer - allows for a more natural appearance than foundation in the summertime while still smoothing out your skin and provides 20 SPF sun protection. Even if you tan your body, you should protect your face and get your summer glow this way. Also available in oil-free.

2. Concealer - use Secret Camouflage with a concealer brush very sparingly on blemishes. Benefit Lyin' Eyes is a great undereye concealer, but again - use sparingly. Apply with ring fingertip rather than the brush.

3. Prep - A thin layer of Lemon Aid applied to upper eyelid provides a soft, smooth and even-toned finish. Great, too, if you're not planning on wearing any eye shadow. Brush a light layer of T. LcClerc loose powder in Banane over your face with a large powder brush. This powder eliminates shadows and creates a glowing finish without adding any color. Hollywood make-up artists favorite.

4. Add a sheer sun-kissed glow with Benefit Dallas. For a more natural look, use your big powder brush and not the little flat one that comes with it. Apply to forehead above each eyebrow, sweeping down over your temples and high on your cheekbones.

5. Use your finger tip to apply a thin wash of metallic cream eye color to the lid only (below the crease). I like Laura Mercier's in Ally or Burnished Copper. I have some that I like from Stila but I believe they must have discontinued them.

6. Use an eyeshadow brush to apply a mushroom shade of powder eyeshadow to the crease. Sonia Kushak has one at Target in "Latte" that's perfect (and cheap). Highlight under browbone with Benefit High Brow. Blend well with ring finger.

7. Apply a thin line of Bobbie Brown gel eye liner to upper lash line. The color you choose depends on the color of the cream eye color you've applied. I especially like her new iridescent "shimmer ink" tones.

8. Use a dampened eye brow brush to brush brows and upper lashes. Wetting the brush will allow it to pick up loose powder that's deposited itself. Use a lash curler on upper lashes. Apply a single coat of your favorite mascara.

9. Lipstick. Oh, the possibilities are endless. Bobbie Brown has some great sandwash colors as well as these SPF 15 Lipshines. If you prefer something a little more sheer and glossy for the summer, her Lip Tint SPF 15 is tried and true. (Great for wearing to the beach.) I have them in Tea Tint, Tea Rose Tint, Blossom Tint, Melon and Cherry Tint. Another great gloss option is Mac Lipglass which is thicker with a high-gloss, glass-like sheen. I have then in Lust, Chai, Spite, and Pink Lemonade (a favorite of Jennifer Aniston's). I even like Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Rhubarb, but I would caution against going for any of the lighter shades as they'll appear very white on your lips. I also recommend using a lip liner in a very natural shade - it helps to keep your lip color inside your lips. I use Mac Lip Pencil in Cedar everyday. Find one that very closely matches your natural lip color. Remember, it's not the color but the wax that keeps your lipcolor in place.

Don't forget to send me your "before" and "after" photos! I'll try & take a few of my own but I'm not that good at taking self-portraits.

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I want to be you when I grow up.


Sounds beautiful, too time consuming for anybody not a touch vain, but then.

How about tips for the "average woman" (ie, she who has a kid to feed, money to spend on umpteen other things than makeup). Your prescription for beauty runs more than 2-3 weeks of groceries, at a mere ~$400. I omitted the $14 eyelash curler, as God fortunately gave me long curly lashes.

Thank you for the suggestion, Anonymous. I will work on that.

For the record, this make up procedure takes me less than 5 minutes. And it shouldn't surprise anyone who reads my site that I buy high-end make up but, in my own defense, I've accumulated this over a period of time. I've never gone out and spent $400 on make up. My husband would totally divorce me.

Ha! I was going to say that the next time someone leaves a comment on my lipstick blog telling me that I wear too much makeup and that I'm all vain and crap, I'm going to send them over here (not that I think YOU wear too much makeup or are at all vain, because I find you TOTALLY NORMAL). But apparently there was one here already!

I think people who don't wear much if any makeup have no idea how FAST you can apply this stuff once you get the hang of it. And it takes even less time to blog about it than it does to apply it.

Oh, and also I LOVE this post!

I have a very similiar version of this that I do for my summer face and most of my stuff is drugstore or lower end sephora stuff.

I think what's important from this is that you find something that's light and pretty and easy to apply. Do what works for you and your budget.

Some people will never get it, cookie.

Hey Lady, how are you? Great makeup tips. I am so bad with eyeshadow. I always see great colors, but when I try them on myself I look like someone beat me up.

When others give make-up advice, I will take a look..but since I consider myself a self appointed 'expert' I've been packing it on since 1983, I rarely find 'tips' I haven't heard of. BUT your tip on the moistened eye brow brush, I feel stupid not thinking of that already. I use one daily, and I notice the powder, and uh..well.. I am not as innovative as I thought. So thanks !

okay good to know about that lyin' eyes stuff... I've been curious... but have not tried it.

with my dark circles (due to allergies) I need something! I've been using Lauara Mercier concealer but have not been as happy with it. (I do use her tinted moisturizer though... love it!)

I used the Laura Mercier undereye concealer, too, but was never that impressed either. I've found the Lyin' Eyes to be much better and I've got pretty dark circles too.

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