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In his USA Today column, TV critic Robert Bianco wrote today, Despite its medical trappings, Grey's is a "relationship show," a title we bestow on dramas that are too well-written, well-acted and true to the human condition to be called "soaps."

Well, Grey's I believe you crossed over that line tonight. The whole prom? With Mer and Der eyeing each other over their partners' shoulders? Seriously? I saw that on As the World Turns once or twice OR 89 TIMES. Am I the only one to notice the similarities between the 17-year-old who lost her virginity at her prom and the two supposed adults who....left the hospital prom to go fuck in the closet??

Mer & Der
I'm not excited that they hooked up. It's pure pandering to the viewers who post to the writers' blog is what it is. (Best part of the whole two hours? The look that Callie shot at Derek when she caught them. I told you she was cool.)

(And I told you they need a new hairdresser. Did you check out George's Leave It To Beaver 'do? Golly gee. And WHAT did they do to Callie's bangs??? The only one left on the show with decent hair and now they've screwed that up too. Gah.)

Intensity (or lack thereof)
I thought there'd be more life-threatening situations tonight but instead there was just the threat of a career-ending injury. So, Burke maybe can't be a doctor anymore because his hand's fucked up but Izzie practically killed someone ON PURPOSE and she still gets to work??

They steal the "I'M Spartacus!" defense and not one of them thinks that Izzie should have to take responsibility for her actions? Seriously? If, after all they've been through in the past 24 hours, their judgment is still that fucked up, maybe none of them deserve to be doctors.

The Finale's Grand Finale
It was nice that the writers (finally) let Alex be the good guy when Denny died. Still, I couldn't feel sorry for Izzie even when she was sobbing her head off. I couldn't help but think, "Yeah well, he'd still be alive if you hadn't'a cut his LVAD wire, bee-yotch."

Remember way back when, when I said that I read in an interview with Izzie that one of the characters doesn't make it into the new year? (OK, I think I may have said "dies" and I maybe thought the "new year" was the calendar year and not the TV season. Whatev.) About 45 minutes into tonight's ep I saw it coming. I knew she'd be gone one way or the other - fired, or quitting the program, or married to Denny.

The Envelope Please
Aaaaand....the big cliffhanger is....a literal triangle between Mer, Der and Finn. What a letdown. Not to mention completely unoriginal. They should have ended the season last night. That was the cliffhanger that would've had us all coming back for more.

Heh -- I was waiting to see what you had to say.

I mean, I didn't HATE it, but it was total pandering. Personally, I don't believe that they're going to let Izzy go. I think they'll find some way to get her back into the groove or find that they need her. And I too wasn't thrilled about the ending -- I would've loved to have seen her just go with Fin and stick it up Derek's ass. There'll be plenty of time to agonize over the decision next season, n'est-ce pas!??

Your nailed it right on the head. After the whole Izzie BS and their group cover up of the matter...I stopped caring completely about the characters. I actually was glad Denny died and felt this was some cosmic karma. I felt -zero- sympathy for Izzie and felt it was a cop out to let her walk away instead of being escored out by security.

The whole "investigation" was just a chance for the stupid interns to rattle off some dumb monologue.

I have to definitely get into this show.I have not seen one episode, but I will try to watch all the episodes this summer to see what all the hype is about. I did the same thing with "Lost" and now I am addicted. Hopefully.I will have the same luck with "GA"!

I really do love the show. It has a lot of redeeming qualities but with the finale, the writers strayed from what they do best and I was severely disappointed in the final product.

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