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Old Friends

You may have read in the comments that my 40-year-old friend wasn't too thrilled by me calling her out on the internet. In retaliation, she posted some photos of us over the years on her family site. She's ruthless, I tell ya. I don't know which is worse - my embarrassing fashion sense or my atrocious hairstyles.

like the red, white & blue polyester shorts aren't hideous???

as opposed to the lovely white terry cloth ones, you mean?

At least you had nice legs. I look like a stork standing next to you.

I think you look adorable Kalisah. Look at that 1992 hair!!!!

for the record, we were sitting on a mountain top in Huntsville, Alabama and the wind was blowing our hair from behind.

It was big; it wasn't THAT big.

And for some reason, I thought that climbing a mountain required a full face of heavy makeup.

It didn't??

And those "legs" more closely resemble tree stumps, thanks to my genetic history.

I should find one from my wedding to show that we really have grown up semi-normal & with decent style!

your hair in the '92 photo?! AWESOME!:-)

(my Julie Roberts phase....)

So cute!

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