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I saw three very odd things yesterday:

1. When I was driving home from downtown, I saw this brand new ski boat on a boat trailer sitting on the shoulder of the highway, complimentary to anyone with a trailer hook.

2. On that same trip home from downtown, I got behind a TDOT truck without any brake lights. Department of Transportation. I tried to let him know but I couldn't catch up with him before he turned off and I wasn't about to go chasing after him. I'm not THAT concerned of a citizen.

3. And this:

So listen to this: I was checking my stats & about to write a whiny post saying something like, "tap. tap. tap. Is this thing on?" Then I saw someone visited me coming from your site. THEN I found that I made your list of blogs!!! You've made my year!!! xoxo

what disturbs me most about jessica's 'do is that she's going to be SELLING WIGS. what the hell???

die please. kthx.

Her hair and skin are almost the same color......eeeewwwwww!

she looks like a drag queen doing his best ann margaret.

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