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Stupid Girl

I remember thinking when I watched the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards that if the winners are going to lean over and slap the fans' hands when they come out, then they probably shouldn't wear such short dresses.

Apparently someone forgot to tell Lindsdy Ho-han that, since photos of her "ass-slip" are now all over the internet.

You just know Pink's all like, "I am SO putting that in my next video!"

Kalisah! Girl! I went to the new Dillards in Southaven, and guess what I saw? T-O-P-S-I-D-E-R-S! I instantly thought of you, Chile, cause you were talnking about the 1980's skinny jeans. I'm thinking about buying some and wearing my new skinny jeans pegged. Ha!

And honestly, there's really no more inappropriate place for an ass-slip than a kids award show.

I have one opinion about this topic. She can whear what the hell she ever wants. Only god can judge us ;)

Seriously? So you think it's OK that she showed her ass to millions of American youth?

Where is the right wing conservatives when we need them? WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE???

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