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And it probably gets like 2 mpg, too

Have you seen the ads for this new Robin Williams movie? In the ads, he complains how his family watches four separate televisions and IM each other when dinner is ready.

It's too bad that this looks to be a silly slapstick comedy where they battle vicious raccoons in the wild and no doubt there will be some camper toilet humor, because this movie is my life.

We all watch separate TVs. While on computers. We don't IM each other (often) but I have been known to call downstairs on the second phone line. And a couple years ago, Big Daddy got this same crazy fucking idea in his head. Which My Kid totally bought into.

Number of Household members: 3
Number of TVs: 5
Number of Laptop computers: 3
Number of Desktop computers: 2
Number of Telephones (line 1): 4
Number of Telephones (line 2): 2
Number of Cellphones: 4
Number of Blackberries: 1
Number of people who think an RV as a second home is the ultimate investment: 1
Number of people who think traveling crosscountry in an RV would be "a blast": 2
Number of people who also enjoy fishing as a hobby: 2
Number of people who refuse to stay in anything that doesn't have a spa bathroom and room service: 1

is this your way of telling us that you own some type of RV?

Ok, that makes me feel better about the fact that sometimes I'll call my husband on his cell phone when he's upstairs in his office and I'm too lazy to walk up the stairs to tell him dinner is ready....

Heavens, no Lauren! (Not yet...but my husband sure does have his heart set on it.)

I have to think that no matter how chic your metallic silver flats are, or how chunky your turqoise necklace, or how perfectly you've applied your stila lip gloss, stepping into an RV to go on a fishing trip automatically makes you something not too fashionable.

But if anyone can find a way to do it, I'm thinking you could.

dammit so now me admitting that i let my husband by one is out of the question. *buttons lip*

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