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Sex U Up

I don't really watch Desperate Housewives much anymore - it got too ridiculous in the second season and I just haven't been into it. Sometimes, though, I'll catch some of it while I'm waiting for Grey's Anatomy to come on.

That's what happened last week, and I happened to see Eva Longoria's new haircut. It's not a big change, but I liked it and I wanted it. Now when I get an idea for my hair in my head, I get set on it and I've learned to just go ahead and do it without much waiting around thinking about it because it's not going away. By yesterday (Tuesday) I'd made an appointment and was searching Google images for pictures of Eva's hair.

I couldn't really find the perfect one, although this one is close. I went in and told Grant that I wanted "more layers" around my face - you know....don't make me say it....OKAY! FEATHERS! OKAY?? YES! I WANT FEATHERS! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW??

The cut isn't a huge change, definitely I've got more layers. Grant's always so obsessed with my hair being even and symmetrical and all that and he insisted that if I wanted shorter layers around my face that all the layers would have to be shorter. I think I like it, but here's the thing:

I can't remember how to feather my hair!

Now, you'd think having hot-rolled and curling-ironed my hair into "wings" every single day from ninth to twelfth grade that this would be a skill that would come back to me fairly quickly. But the hair, it is not feathering. I can see I've got my work here cut out for me. Pictures to come eventually.

Feathers? Are you TRYING to get your fashion blog connection taken away?

Just kidding. I'm sure they'd look lovely on you. Everything does!

Ahhh, feathered hair. I used to have a great Farrah Flip. Memories.

O.M.G.!!!!! I saw that episode and wanted her new haircut too. Sadly, I just got mine cut two weeks ago. And althought it's still nice and long, I don't want to pay again 2 weeks later to get that cut. I also swore I would never get that cut again as it is the same haircut I had in the 80's minus all of the hot rollers and hairspray. It took me years to grow all of those layers out and here I am wanting them again. I wonder if I would look live Eva if I did it? You must post pictures for us to see!

Sounds good - Pics? Just please, word of caution and today's PSA against hairspray overload - that's the only other thing I hated about feathered hair *LOL*... When one's hair looks like SueEllen Ewing on a bad day, or Kelly Ripa on Dance Party - that's when one needs to put the spray can down...

Back to our regularly scheduled programming :)


Lucky for me, I haven't used hair spray in years.

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