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Loosing my marbles

It's the end of productivity as we know it.

Whoa, but do I feel horrible! I haven't been to your blog in way too long and so needless to say, when I saw your new tagline, I did a double-take!

So I started in January, and all I can say is... wow!

And yes, I totally agree, if you don't use this time to write something other than this blog (although you'd better never stop doing this, you hear?), I will personally come and kick your skinny bee-hind. And I know you know this, but I'll say it again: You were never your job.

Also, way to go on AA. I am soooo proud of you and I'm thinking about you, all the way from "down here" in South Africa (aka waaaay down South!).

Have some Starbucks for me, please? Three months after being back I'm STILL having withdrawals!

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