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I love Benefit make up so much that I'm thinking about MARRYING IT.

I popped into Macy*s this afternoon to pick up those couple of Benefit pieces that I was so desperately needing - remember, the Boi-ing concealer and High Beam highlighter. And this young girl starts helping me, and she's really good. I mean, she's gooooood.

She pulls out the High Beam I want and puts it on the counter. Then, before we even start talking about which shade of concealer I need, she asks, "Have you tried the dallas? It is soooo popular that we've been out of it in Memphis for WEEKS!" and she starts brushing it on my face in order to give me the most amazing sun-kissed glow!

And while I'm admiring my new healthy radiance in the mirror, she says, "Have you ever worn Bad gal lash? It's false eyelashes in a bottle!" So while I try that on - which hello? if I buy this I can totally throw away my eyelash curler - she tells me about all the awards this product's won. So, I'm already debating over the dallas (which, if you'll remember I had been contemplating anyway) and OK, the mascara is now a given what with my newly long and so not clumpy lashes.

AND THEN she pulls out High brow and blends it underneath my brows and suddenly my eyes appear brighter! And younger! And lifted! And all the little eyebrow stubble underneath them is covered, too. Bonus!

She must stop.

Do you think that she looks at a face and analyzes what its needs are that quickly? Or do you think that the products are just so good that it doesn't really matter what she smears on a customer's face, it's gonna be an improvement no matter what?

Now, she says, about that concealer. Which one did you want? It goes without saying that OF COURSE I did not walk out with the product that I'd come in for. She put the Boi-ing under my left eye and Lyin eyes (It also contains moisturizers!) on the right. And whoo-boy could you see a difference.

So, ultimately, I decided on the dallas, the Bad gal lash and the Lyin eyes (and she threw in a nice sample of Dear john, too!). AND....guess how much it cost me? NO! Lower! 60 bucks! That is so reasonable for good cosmetics. If you bought similar products at Chanel it would easily be $100.

So excuse me now. I'm going to go wash my face so I can re-apply my new make-up all over again.

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Girl! You gon' make me go down to Macy's and try some of that stuff. My Clinique face powder is running low . . .

Loooovvve Benefit. Benetint for the cheeks? Awesome, girly blush. Get Even? Totally amazing coverage wihtout the sticky foundation feeling.
Can you tell I'm addicted? :)

Benefit is a MUST for any gal! Love that stuff. Thanks Kalisah - now I'm off to go shopping and the first stop - SEPHORA! I *must* try that Dallas ;) Have a great vaca!

Sold! I'm ordering it all.

once you go bad gal, you never go back.

i bought it on a whim in sephora on times square a few years ago (birthday trip - we were in sephora for over 2 hours). i also bought lemon aid, which is a eyelid primer/concealer and i LOVE it...

i heart benefit.

too bad you aren't going to get this on time, but if you do check it, here this

"go to sephora in st louis!!!"

have fun!

I am so bummed on a daily basis that Memphis doesn't have a Sephora.

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