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Five Worst Oscar Moments

1. Dancers acting out the plot of the movies while their songs were performed.
2. Lauren Bacall confused and unable to read the teleprompter.
3. Charlize's dress with that HUGE bow on the shoulder.
4. Dolly Parton's lips are bigger than her nose.
5. Pregnant women/new mommies showing off deep cleavage when we all know it's really milk-filled boobs.

Dude, Dolly Parton's lips are almost bigger than her cha-chas!

Also, you forgot in Best: Jennifer Affleck almost biffing it on stage and then laughing that 13 Going on 30 laugh.

Ummmm....huh? I am sorry, I am STILL distracted by the big ass bow on Charlize's shoulder. That's all I have been able to focus on. Oh, that and the song that won...."It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp" ya know? Something about that took the class out of the whole thing. That and Charlize's damn big bow.

I felt so sorry for Bacall. How embarrassing that must have been for her.

And the bow was just weird. The song/dance/fire thing too.

I totally noticed that for Jennifer Garner.

I generally thought the strapless dresses were bordering on a little low/unsupported. Like Paul Haggis' wife looked like she was going to have a "wardrobe malfunction."

I know right! I couldn't believe the weird dance that was taking place during the crash song....and the Three Six Mafia...good god!

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