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Team parents are such ASSHOLES.

We nearly had a fight break out at My Kid's basketball game this morning. In the stands. Among the parents.

There's this one kid on our team (the Sonics) whose dad is a real hothead. He yells at the refs a lot and one of the parents told me that last year they would call technicals on him. It's really too bad for his son, because he's a really good player, but it's hard for him to keep his head in the game when his dad is loosing his cool in the stands. The kid is always telling his dad (from the floor) to calm down.

So this morning, we were playing a really good team (the Grizzlies). They went up right away 12 to 4 and then we came back in the second quarter to within a point but then they hit this really long 3-pointer at the buzzer. In the second half they went up again, but we were playing pretty well and hanging in. But then, some fucker in the stands behind the Grizzlies yells out "AIRBALL" to one of our players when he missed a basket. Which is totally shitty - I mean, these are 12-year-olds for pete's sake. I don't blame B's dad for getting pissed off - he was right really, he just didn't handle it right. Frankly, I thought whoever yelled that AT A KID should have been escorted from the gymnasium and told never to return.

So B's dad gets up and walks over to the other groups of parents and says, "Who yelled 'airball'?" and this other parent stands up and says to B's dad, "GO SIT DOWN." and then they start yelling back & forth at each other and B's dad is all, "WHO YELLED AT OUR KIDS?!" and the Grizzlies parents are all "GO. SIT. DOWN." and B's mom is sitting right behind me and she is freaking out and yelling at her husband and trying to get her son-in-law to help because you can tell that she's scared that he's going to hit somebody. Our coach goes up and tries to stop it and then finally the refs realize what's going on and one of them shushes everyone and then says to the crowd, "I think this all started when someone yelled 'airball,' so let's please not yell except for our own team."

And I was so pissed, because FIRST OF ALL, what kind of asshole yells 'airball' at a recreational 12-year-old basketball team? God, I never wanted to beat a team so badly as I did the Grizzlies right then. And SECONDLY, if the ref heard the fan yell 'airball,' I think he should have addressed it right then. Someone has to be in charge, and who else can it be but the refs? He should have turned to the crowd and said, "Please do not yell at the other team, or I will give your team a technical."

So B's dad comes and sits back down behind us and I was saying right out loud, "Who the hell yells at 12-year-olds like that??" and Big Daddy keeps telling me to "shhh" but I was really pissed. They got the game going again but it took a while for the kids to get their concentration back and in the end we lost the game by 11 points and the kids were all so disappointed. We were 4 and 2 before this game and on a 2-game winning streak. They really wanted to beat these Grizzlies.