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Spring Cleaning Shopping

I was talking to another mom at My Kid's basketball game this morning (Won! 37-29) and she mentioned that the kids' Spring Break is only a couple weeks away! Which totally snuck up on me.

Naturally, since I'm not even working, the schedules are perfect for a vacation!

Which means....SHOPPING!

I don't even know where we might be going yet and not every place is averaging 60 degrees the way we are here, so this may be a bit premature. Still, a girl's gotta plan for upcoming seasons, no?

This dress is very cute, and I can see it with a flirty pair of espadrilles. Also, this dress looks very flattering, very Audrey Hepburn. And if I were actually working this summer, I would totally get these shoes, which I must admit mad, passionate love for. Maybe I should just go ahead and get them in case a dream job suddenly comes through.

Is it just me, or would you look like you were wearing this skirt backwards?

Some of this Juicy stuff is cute, but I just cannot see myself wearing terry cloth. Just....no.

This is just a little too "Bree" for me. I can see Gabriella looking very fresh in this. Ugh - way too "Edie". And look - Lynette. Susan's the hardest. I think she'd look great in a wrap dress (you know, because she has no boobs), but she'd probably prefer something fun & funky, or this hippie-chic.

Seriously? Are you sure this isn't meant to be a beach cover-up?

Ahh, internet window shopping....my favorite hobby.