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I don't know how stay-at-home women do it!

So I haven't really been keeping up with posting lately. I've been working a lot - which, yea! But not really 40 hours. So you'd think I'd have plenty of time on my hands. But nooooo! My sponsor says I'm not getting to enough AA meetings. And my back is telling me I'm not getting to enough yoga classes. And Big Daddy keeps telling me that I'm not shaving my legs enough. And there's laundry piling up (doesn't it EVER go away??). And no, I did not cook dinner tonight.

Wednesday evening I'm having dinner with Amy from my old office so I can tell her about all the exciting new clients I'm working with now. Thursday evening there's a fundraiser for one of our political candidate clients. And My Kid has basketball team photos at 6:15. Big Daddy will have to take him to that. Saturday is a gala we've partnered on that I got roped into working ("Hey! What about the NEW GIRL? Doesn't she have to work too??")

And I haven't even bought Big Daddy a Valentine's Card. God, I suck.