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Grey's Anatomy this week

I'm so frustrated that the post for this week's Grey's Anatomy episode isn't up yet! I'm always so anxious to hear what they have to say about it. The writer's focus of the show always sheds new light on the plot.

So what'd you think?

I love that there's a new hunk to add some more depth to the love triangle of Mer/Der/Addison. And make no mistake, a fourth person doesn't turn the triangle into a square, it turns it into some kind of weird 12-point star, b/c just consider the triangular possibilities:
1. Mer/Der/Add
2. Der/Add/Mark
3. Der/Mer/Mark
4. Mer/Mark/Add
See? The plot thickens!

I love that Mark called it in his second scene of the show: "He saw me in bed with his wife and he just walked away. He sees me just talking to you and I'm on the floor."

Still....as Carmen asked....did Derek slug Mark because of Meredith? Or Addison? Hmm....

I did not love that Meredith is hooking up with George. She doesn't love him. It can only be trouble. I think she's just lonely but this will not end up good.

Anyway, that Mark is a hottie! I hope he's gong to stick around a bit. Anyone know where I recognize him from? I'm trying to figure out what else he's been in.