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Worser and Worserer

GAWD....what a day.

First, let me say how EXITED!!!! I was to find that I had lurkers!!! Rock on! People like me! Which I really need today.

It's been such a shitty day, I don't even know where to start. I guess I actually have to start with yesterday.

BACKGROUND (1/10/2006):
At 2:30 in the afternoon we got an email from the company that manages our office park. They were offering tickets to the NBA Grizzles/Spurs game next week. Tickets for office park employees were free. Friends and family, $50. Lower bowl FedExForum. What a bargain. Reservations had to be made IN PERSON (no fax or phone) at the management office. $$ for additional tickets had to be paid at time of reservation. Deadline was to be Thursday 1/12/06.

In an attempt to get to the management office first thing this morning, I skipped my regular Bistro stop for latte and figured I'd run out (after securing my Grizzlies tickets) to grab a coffee at the new Starbucks by my office.

So here's what's been shitty about today (1/11/2006):

(I'll number them....there's a lot.)

  1. I drove directly to the management office first thing this morning with my form and a $100 check (tickets for Big Daddy & My Kid). The woman behind the desk looked at me and said, "Those tickets are gone." WHAT? It hasn't even been one day!! She looked at me with a face completely devoid of any emotion, and said, "We sold out yesterday at 4:30." Great. I looked at her in complete distress and said, "My Kid will be soooo disappointed." Nothing.
  2. Dismayed, and knowing it wouldn't be good to address the office in this way without caffeine, I drove to the new Starbucks by my office. Naturally, IT WASN'T OPEN YET. So I drove back up to my Bistro to get a coffee.
  3. On the way, I adjusted my left earring and the back fell off and bounced off my lap and landed between my car seat and the console. I stuck my diamond earring into the passenger seat so as not to lose it.
  4. I arrived at the office, and one of the partners had sent out a company-wide email about coverage in the city's daily of the news release I'd sent out prematurely. Luckily, none of my boss's concerns were realized. Still, the tragedy of my mistake was re-lived.
  5. My PR partner in crime (Amy) followed up to the partner's email with a link to the story, so everyone in the office could appreciate it. All these people in the office responded to her email with "Great coverage!" etc. emails. She respectfully emailed back that it was my story (& cc'ed me) but, curiously, none of them emailed ME with "Great story!" emails.
  6. Around lunchtime, our agriculture client called me. The #1 TV news station in the market wanted to come out at 1:15 to do a story on the new wildlife viewing stand. Great! Only it's RAINING outside. And the viewing stand is....guess what? Yeah, outside. I called the reporter, "You know it's pouring down rain out here, right?" Oh yeah. He didn't care. So I drove out to the interview and stood in the wind and rain while the client did a great job of hitting all our talking points. By the time it was over, I was soaked from the hips down (I had worn my leather jacket and not a rain coat today). Luckily, I live nearby b/c it seems that everytime I go out to this client for news stories I somehow end up needing a change of clothes.
  7. I was so busy trying to borrow a rain coat and find an umbrella that I left my cell phone sitting on my desk. Now, some of you younger readers may not remember this, but there was a time that we all drove around without telephone connectivity. Course, we also used the heels of our feet to brake our cars back then, too.
  8. PLUS....I'd already pulled all my hair back in a twist b/c, in this weather, it seems a bit "fluffy" (just below "frizzy" on the hair scale), but my bangs? Which, when I'd left the office were laying down flat on my forehead, casually brushed to the side? Were now, after the wind and the wet, sticking out the side of my forehead in a pretty good Farrah Fawcett imitation. So a quick appointment with the flat iron was totally required.
In between time, I've been listening to the Alito hearings on NPR. Slightly interesting....seems more like a bully pulpit for senators who want to be on the nightly news, as they do A LOT more talking than the Supreme Court nominee.

And, oh yeah, I have a 6 o'clock appointment for a bikini wax tonight. HOW WELL DO YOU THINK THAT WILL GO??????