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'Tis the Season!

So I think it's great that Melati makes gift-giving recommendations on her blog. But me? I'm all about the gift-getting.

So if Big Daddy asks what I want for Xmas, tell him this (in large - it says they run small) and this.

And this bag, to go with my "just out of dance class urban city professional" look.

And some cute winter scarves like this or this.

And I am still DESPERATE for a tulle skirt.

Even though I'm not a big fragrance wearer, I do like this one.

I've had my eye on this cute evening bag since it came out (note: it's much smaller in person than it appears online) and now look! I see that it's featured on Project Runway. Can I pick 'em or what??

And look, I KNOW this is totally about PRIDE and all that and I do not begrudge any of you what's rightfully yours but I am really into this L Word line of jewelry. Seriously, do I have to be gay to like this ring (which, umm...if you talk to Big Daddy, would make a FABULOUS right hand ring for me given that my left hand [read: wedding] rings are a combination of white and yellow gold) or these earrings? I think not.