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Piss and gripe and bitch and moan

I have a chest cold and I feel crappy. I feel like I'm trying to breathe underwater with an iron band strapped around my chest. And being sick and feeling crappy just gets me to thinking of everything else that buggers me and pisses me off. Like...

I hate when people use their leaf blowers to blow their leaves out into the street. It's lazy, it's pointless and it is stupid.

I hate driving behind vehicles that are belching exhaust. Like city buses.

I hate the sound of the turn signal. With all the innovations they've put into cars, why can't they give us the option to turn off that sound?? I promise not to drive around with my blinker on.

I hate when my physician refers me for physical therapy and then after I've racked up a grand in charges, the insurance company denies my claim b/c the PT wasn't in their network. What? I was supposed to check that??

But you know what I love? I love when I'm sick in bed and my puppy lays outside my bedroom door and watches over me.