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What I'm doing to prepare for Thanksgiving Dinner at my house

1. Washing my water goblets and serving dishes. Not like by hand or anything. In the dishwasher. Duh.
2. Listening to Queen. Freddie Mercury was a musical genius.
3. Getting my nails done. Natch.
4. Considering what I might wear tomorrow. I've yet to come up with anything satisfactory.
5. Cleaning my office. The one at work. In preparation of four! days! off!
6. Saying, "Oh great. You shot dad in the ass. Are you happy now??" Grey's Anatomy was having the best thanksgiving episode ever.
7. Trying to get rid of this zit under my nose. Because really. 39! Shouldn't breakouts be behind me by now?
8. Thinking about leaving work early. See #3 above.
9. Creating centerpieces for my dining and coffee tables. Yeah, I bought a candle and set it on a mirror. Color me blonde and call me Martha Stewart.
10. Buying liquor. "Lots & lots of liquor!" All holiday quotes must come from Grey's Anatomy T'giving episode. See #6 above.