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Everything came off without a hitch. I laid out a nice board of cheese, fruit, crackers, nuts and proscutto in the living room. Mom had one mimosa and me & Dad split the rest of the bottle.

Dad actually preferred sitting at Big Daddy's desk where he could watch football on the big screen HDTV:

My table looked nice, if I do so say myself. I really should enterain more often.

And while the rest of my house was clean, I took some more photos:

Well, it's sorta clean. I can see now that all that shit needs to come down off the refridgerator. (It's a magnet collection from places we travel to.) Do you like my little white lights above the cabinets? That's something new I just added.

This one even has the dog in it. What a magazine shot!

Here's a rather blurry shot of the table set with all the food. No big turkey money shot, though. We carve in the kitchen:

And, the joyous family all gathered around the bountiful blessings. And also bitching at me for making them pose for pictures when they really wanted to be digging into the blessings:

As per tradition, Dad enjoyed the wings:

And someone was asleep immediately following the meal. This year, though, it wasn't me. It was Uncle Dave:

Even the puppies had turkey. And all in the home were thus sated and happy: