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The party was GREAT

I don't know where to start. I had so much fun. The last time anyone threw a party for me? Nine years ago - when I turned 30. So this was really special. This morning when I stopped for a coffee, Boris said, "The best part was seeing how much your friends love you." Awwwww.

My best friend Ansley was the one who organized it all. She's the greatest. And she bought me a VERY generous gift - a beautiful turquoise necklace.

This shall forever be remembered as the Necklace Birthday. (I don't know why that photo is so blurry b/c it's perfectly fine on the phone.)

Also there was Patricia who looked more beautiful than I think I've ever seen her in a gorgeous pink angora sweater and soft pink makeup. This woman is a GRANDMOTHER, folks:

And Mary, my friend and confident from my old job who was always there to listen and help and confide in. I haven't seen her since I left that job and I have missed her like crazy. She gave me the best birthday present ever: She reported that she's sat in no less than three meetings where my former boss bemoaned the "huge hole" that's been left in the department with my resignation. She's the best and also? Great cheekbones.

And TREASURE came, too! What a great surprise that was! She is so smart and fun and it was so great to finally meet her and I am soooo glad she came b/c she was a real asset to the party!

And of course, we can't forget those crazy young girls: Alvarez & Sherry. They're two very talented graphic designers at my old office. And very hot young sexy broads that were getting all the attention from the guys in the place. Here's Princess Alvarez wearing my tiara:

She is also a very talented illustrator, and she gave me "paper dolls" of myself - she illustrated ME! - with all these hip cool outfits. It is awe. some.

I haven't uploaded the photos from my camera yet. When I do they'll actually be some of me on there, as other people were snapping photos with that. These were just a few I grabbed on my camera phone. So more to come soon...