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Soccer - Week 2

Today we played a team from a private school. My Kid plays for the GSC league. There are three 12 & Under teams in that league, and then in the fall they add three private school teams to their schedules for a little more variety.

The first thing I noticed was that this team was really SMALL. Turns out they had kids as young as 8 on this team that was supposed to be 12 & under. And the parents from the other team that were sitting in front of me kept insinuating during warm-ups that the kids on our team weren't all under 12. They were making all these jokes like, "Where'd they recruit the high schoolers?" "Does that one kid have a mustache??" which I know were aimed at My Kid since, as I told you, he's the tallest one on his team.

The refs were letting a lot of calls on the other team go (especially handballs), I assume because we were up 3-0 and the other kids were so little. Which is fine and our coach didn't really care. He was even moving our players to all different positions because he didn't want to run up the score and it was a good opportunity to give our guys experience learning all the positions. My Kid, who's only ever played forward, played defense in the first half and center midfielder in the second.

But when the other team went off-sides to score a goal, our coach hollered at the side line judge (or whatever he's called), "Hey ref, let's watch the off-sides!" And those bitchy parents in front of me started saying, "Is this competitive?" like we don't have RULES in rec.

End of story: Win, 3-1.