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Live blogging the Fashion Rocks

Someone actually named their daughter "Poppy"? And she's not even British?

I love me some skyscrapers. We all know that. But holy shit. Did you SEE how high Gwen Stefani's pumps were?? My lord, how the hell does she walk in those?

Rob Thomas, Helen was right - your voice is vocal orgasm. But baby, please don't wear your jeans so tight. This is supposed to be about FASHION. You look like something out of my freshman yearbook.

Granted, she sings in a foreign language, so I have no idea what she's saying. Maybe she's explaining herself. Because I do not get this herky-jerky dancing thing that Shakira does. It is not sexy and it's not attractive. It looks like someone showing off their double-jointed finger.

David Bowie usually dresses impeccably. And he looked pretty good tonight...if you couldn't see the lower half and the fact that his tailored suit pants came to just ABOVE HIS ANKLES! And...is that a black eye??

Gwen, you looked sooooo much better in the 1940s glamour dress than you do in that caftan-slash-nightgown. Why do you do that? Is that really worthy of introducing...

Duran Duran! The band so nice, they named it twice. Let me just say for the record, that we had a group of DD groupies in my high school in 1984. They wore lots of pins on their t-shirts that they bought at Spencer gifts with all the faces of the band members on them. They tried to circulate petitions to get the band to come play the Biloxi Coliseum (which, I'm assuming has been washed away now). I was NOT one of these girls. I did not color my hair Nick Rhodes Pink. But I liked their early music. "Rio" still ranks as one of my all-time favs (and I don't necessarily even think it's one of their best). Their video work was groundbreaking in the early days of Mtv. And I did think that John Taylor was H-O-T.

David Bowie & Arcade Fire?? How cool is THIS?? Oh please, please let this be cool and not suck.

OK, this is just getting boring now. It's the same performers coming out over & over in different pairings. I'm going to bed.