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It's Multiple Choice

Let's say that it's Sunday and you've spent all day in bed recovering from a hangover. By late afternoon, you're starting to feel like you could eat something. You see a KFC ad on TV and realize that you absolutely have to have some. So, still dressed in your boxers and a tank, and without bothering to even put shoes on, you drive up to the nearest KFC. You figure you'll go to the drive-thru and it won't matter that you're wearing pajamas.

Only you get there and the drive-thru speaker isn't working! So you figure fuck it, you'll go inside (and hopefully not run into an ex!). You walk up to the door and there's a big "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service" sticker. You walk back to your car to see if you have any flip-flops or even pedi shoes in the back seat. You don't. But you do find a pair of stiletto pumps that you just picked up from having re-heeled.

What do you do?

1. Defy the sign and take your chances going in barefoot.
2. Put on the pumps despite the fact that you're wearing boxers and a tank that you've been sleeping in all day and figure it just makes you look like Gwen Steffani.
3. Settle for a chicken sandwich at Sonic across the street.