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Dude, what's that smell?

When I was in San Antonio I was thrilled to find that they have a Sephora there! So the afternoon before I left I grabbed a cab and headed over to this nice upscale mall. Where they also had a Saks. But I refrained from purchasing shoes.

I was quite disappointed to find that practically everything I found in Sephora that I liked was OUT OF STOCK. They were seriously lacking in stock. They did, however, have more than enough sales associates accosting you to ask, "Are you finding everything OK?"

What I did buy:
1. Paula Dorf Lip Color Sheer Tint in Baby Face (a very nice soft, natural every day lip color)
2. Paula Dorf lipstick in Rose Quartz (for a monochromatic look with...)
3. Sephora eye shadow in Iridescent All Over Color No. 54 I
4. Benefit Mr. Frosty eyeliner to brighten my eyes (great on over-hang days)
5. LORAC lip polish in Groovy Fruit (very fun!)

What I wanted but they were out of and I may or may not purchase from their web site depending on how pissed I am that they didn't have it in stock in the first place:
1. CHANEL Les Quatre Ombres in Les Mattes Divines
2. NARS the Multiple in South Beach (also sold out online, which tells me it's a fab summer bronzer)
3. Stila eyeshadow in Barefoot Contessa (also, what I wanted to be when I grew up)
4. Nars eyeshadow in Nepal

I also tried to tackle the whole fragrance issue. I know, you're thinking, "What fragrance issue?" Here's my fragrance issue: I haven't worn it in a while. The last thing I wore was Liz Sport that my MIL gave me for Christmas or some such occasion several years ago. It was OK but if I'm going to wear something I want to wear something totally chi-chi and worth my effort. And I've had a hard time finding something I like that also lives up to my high qualifications. (For instance, I LOVE my Michael Kors sandals, but his scent just doesn't do anything for me.) Then, too, I'm so torn about the purpose of fragrance, since you're not supposed to be able to actually smell it unless you're right up next to the person and nobody but Big Daddy gets that close to me anymore anyway. PLUS, there's no good places to purchase fragrance here because our shopping is so severely LACKING in this city, and of course I REFUSE to wear a scent that everyone else is wearing. Sephora has a great fragrance selection (even more online than in the store) but you can't exactly purchase cologne without smelling it first, am I right??

That's a lot of fragrance issues, don't you think?

I didn't end up purchasing any when I was in San Antonio, but I found a few I liked. Several options really.

I actually kind of liked Ralph Lauren Blue, which doesn't meet my "no one else is wearing it" qualification since I'm pretty sure I can purchase it here at Macy*s. But it smelled like something I could wear to work every day.

When I first met Big Daddy he used to wear "Sung Homme" by Alfred Sung, who has a new one out called "Hei" which smells really nice, and there's also a matching female fragrance called "Shi" which I actually kind of liked, and I thought maybe we could wear them both and coordinate our smells. Maybe. Is that gay? Or nice?

I very much liked the Marc Jacobs "Blush" which is the most expensive fragrance Sephora carries. Figures.

All I know is that whatever I wear must reflect me and my personality. And if I'm going to wear cologne I'll definitely need different scents for different occasions. One for work, one for casual weekend fun, one for formal special occasions. I'm just not sure I'm any closer to finding any of them.