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Back to reality, oh there goes gravity

Number 1: My washer conked out halfway through the first of eight loads of dirty vacation laundry. (Didn't it do this to me the last time I came home from vacation?)

Number 2: There is not a lick of food in the house.

Number 2a: And my car is on E too.

Number 3: I had to get up at 6:30 this morning. Which came waaaaay earlier than it did before I went on vacay. I'm sure of it.

Number 4: I had a gyno visit today. Hi! Welcome home! Feet in the stirrups please...It took me six months just to get that appt. so I wasn't about to cancel it.

Number 4a: They made me step on the scale. And I ate my weight in french fries on vacation.

I'm sure things will pick up tomorrow.