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Cleanliness is next to impossible

I wish I were one of those women who keeps a spotless home. I wish my house was ready to be open to guests at any time. Truth is, I'd be embarrassed and humiliated to let someone into my house most days. Unlike Snidge, I don't clean when I'm stressed. I much prefer drinking and sleeping. In that order. No, my house stays a mess most of them time. I had a hard time accepting that for about the first 10 years of marriage. Now I'm just too tired to care most days.

For starters, I live with two boys. And I haven't raised one of them well. I'm afraid he's taking after his dad more than me. The both of them just drop their shit any old place. On any given day you can find glasses and food wrappers and socks and shoes and other clothing items cluttering up my living room. I try to keep it somewhat under control. I try to make My Kid clean up after himself once in a while.

The thing of it is, we can totally afford a housekeeper - someone to come in once a week and do the grunt work - clean the bathrooms, dust, mop the floors. We just haven't for any number of reasons, including: 1) how do you find someone you can trust to come into your home when you're not there? 2) you have to pick up the clutter so the housekeeper can clean and no one in this house seems to want to take on that task 3) my husband is still under the impression that if he waits long enough, I'll do it eventually.

When I clean, it's crying Uncle. This is me saying, "OK, I get it. If I don't do it, it won't get done." That was today. At some point this week I looked around me and I realized that every single room in my house was a complete disaster area. It takes a lot of coffee to attack that. But it's better now. Liveable. At least if a neighbor popped in and I said, "Sorry for the mess" they'd think, "Yeah, that's cool. She works a lot. She probably doesn't have time to dust." instead of "Whatever. You can't even apologize your way out of this clutter."