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Remember, in the movie Major League when they called that guy and asked him if he wanted to manage in the major leagues and he said, "I'll have to call you back...I got a guy on the other line about some tires."

Well, somebody called me in early April about some tires. Actually, they called somebody I know. Someone I've worked with on & off for years. And they told her that they had these tires, but they wanted to make sure that they sold them to someone with a wealth of tire experience. Someone with planning and direction and strategic vision for tires and this colleague of mine said, "Then you want kalisah." And she gave him my number.

So dude calls me. And this is not some tire salesman we're talking about. This is the Founder & CEO of the tire company. And he calls ME, wanting to talk about tires. So yeah, I'm willing to talk about tires. And we make arrangements to talk that evening.

(And that night, I posted that "Something's Coming.")

So we talk on the phone. And I find out a bit more about these tires. And they seem like pretty good tires. So that Friday I took the day off and I went to the guy's office to talk some more. And to, you know, see where these tires are made. And I gotta say, that was the coolest damn tire shop I ever saw.

He called this first meeting at his shop "exploratory" but we were supposed to meet again some time the next week for more in-depth conversation about these tires. Only I never heard from him again.

Shit. It's like DATING again.

Just know that I really, really wanted these tires. You know, since my car was just repaired so nice from that accident. Nice, new tires would be so awesome.

This morning I was driving in to work and having this conversation with myself:

Me: (sigh) I wish I had some different tires.
Me: Well no one's going to knock on your door and offer you some. If you want new tires, get off your ass and go get you some new tires. Dammit.

Then that afternoon? Yeah, guess what? The tire man? HE CALLED. And here I thought he just wasn't that into me. (That was the day of the Phenix post.)

I've since been back out to the tire shop and met with the president & VP. This past Friday I went once more to meet - at length - with the CEO. And he said they really want to sell me these tires. In fact, he said I WOULD RECEIVE AN OFFER ON THESE TIRES VIA EMAIL BY MONDAY!!

This is a very BIG THING for me, since I've been driving on my current tires for nearly eight years. In fact, they're the only tires I've had since I graduated from college. So changing tires is a very big deal.

Once the tire deal is sealed, I can't wait to tell you more about them and why these new tires are such a great opportunity for me.