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But first, let it be known that I HAVE NOT BEEN SICK ONCE ALL WINTER

Today, however, I am sick. I’m sure I caught it from my own kid however I can still bitch about the girl who brought her sick baby in. Because I’m just…bitchy that way.

And here’s what’s really kind of weird today: I seem to be the only one on the floor. My office isn’t with the rest of my department – they’re all on the front side of the building but I’m on the back with our events team and the internet team. But none of them seem to be here today? Or maybe they just heard that I’m sick and they’re all staying away. Either way, it sure is quiet in here and I LIKE IT.

And…Blogger is totally fucking up again. Just so you know.

And...I haven't heard shit on the Big Thing. I hope I didn't get my hopes up for nothing. Surely not. Surely.