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Three technical question

Number one:
Does anyone understand these "capcha's" that some blogs carry? Some of them cause me no problems, but others, like Pesky Apostrophe's, seem to cause me neverending stress. No matter how I type in the word - trying to line it up under the capcha or whatever - I get an error message that I did not "submit the word exactly as it appears in the image." Is there a secret to this whole capcha thing? Can someone please share it with me???

Number two:
Does anyone know why I'm no longer getting email addresses in my Haloscan comments? Because now I have no way of responding back to people who leave comments, and that kinda sucks.

And Number three:
WHAT THE FUCK is up with StatCounter?? I've been relying on this for several months now to give my site stats and suddenly I can no longer get the page. This ignorant blogger could use some advise.