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Necessity is the Mother

So I have this great new idea for a cooking show: The Drunken Chef.

She could feature simple, yet elegant meals that could be created by the mom who has already partaken in a couple glasses of wine. Or vodka tonics. And to make the show believable, she would drinking as she cooks. This sounds like the perfect job for me!

On a similar note, I decided this week that I would try to start using fresher spices. So I bought fresh garlic cloves and a garlic press. Which, can I just say? Is a COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY. Jeebus that thing was hard to use. And it totally baffles me because it seems like the majority of the clove ends up as waste. So this Drunken Chef says: Stick with the minced garlic that comes in the little jar.

Also, pre-shredded cheese. It's the only way to go.