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Remembering 2004 and rationalizing the New Year's Eve buzz

* The very, very best thing that happened to me this year was starting my blog and making some terrific online friends. Dooce posted about the internet women who have inspired her this year, and I gotta heed her call to REPRESENT and recognize the women I love. Even before I tackle my daily crossword puzzles, I look in on Elizabeth, Helen, Melissa, Karmajenn, Carmen, Snidget, and Jolie. You are my source of power. I couldn't face the day without you all. Thank you for your candor, your honesty, your humor, your insights and for so generously sharing your writing and design talents with me. Arriving in the blogisphere: 2 flutes of champagne.

*And speaking of humor, I gotta give it up for those funny, funny ladies on the fashion police blogs: Go Fug Yourself and Snarkywood. Even though I can't understand why my System Administrator has suddenly decided that the content of Snarkywood rates up there with porn sites and I can no longer access it from my work PC. Bastards. Humor in the blogwaves: 1 flute of champagne.

*Even though we averaged eating out five nights a week every single week of the year, Big Daddy still managed our finances in a way that we actually SAVED SOME MONEY THIS YEAR. I do my best to spend, spend, spend but somehow his genius still made headway in our financial goals. Creating a nest egg: 1 glass of wine.

* While I thought the "Iced Out" theme on the Mtv New Years Eve party was very cool, what with everyone wearing white and feeling very winter-wonderlandy, I realized that I am about 10 years passed being hip enough to get it. Self-realization: 1 glass of wine.

*I waited my whole life to see New York City. I always knew that I would *heart* New York. This year, I finally got to go. I went on business. Three times. If I were young and single, I'd totally be relocating to the city that doesn't sleep. Living out the Carrie Bradshaw fantasy: 1 Cosmo.

*After much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, I am in a better place in my job. It's not where I thought it would be. It's not the high & mighty position I expected I would have. But I'm back to doing what I love, what I'm good at, and I still get the high-profile assignments. Working to live, not living to work: 2 glasses of wine.

*I spent New Years Eve with the two men in my life, playing Trivial Pursuit on XBox, drinking lots of wine and champagne and loving a big Family Hug at midnight. I should be so lucky in 2005.