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Providing a camera phone image of my own

Our family pet is Smokey, a white chow-mix. He was a stray that we took in that is the sweetest dog ever in the history of family pets. We know he's a chow b/c he has a spotted tongue (blue & pink) and Chow's are the only dogs with blue tongues.

But can someone please explain to me the extreme shedding at the end of the summer?? Jeebus, I'd expect shedding at the end of the winter, when he needed to get rid of his thick fur. But I guess thick furry dogs like Smokey have a summer coat and a winter coat, both of which must be shed.

So my house is COVERED in white fur. And I take this dog out every day or two to comb him. And each time, it results in enough white fur to fill a dumpster. I figure the birds will use it to make their nests.

So Sunday...laundry day...general cleaning...of course I'm wearing my tiara. B/c what good is being a princess if you can't do housework in your tiara??

I took some trash out and realized that a storm must be blowing in b/c it's incredibly cool outside. Good time to brush the dog.

So I took Smokey outside to the sidewalk, and (in my tiara) began brushing him.

Providing a camera phone image of my own.