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Next thing you know, I pop my head up & it's MONDAY AFTERNOON ALREADY!!!

Sorry to have disappeared on you like that...the weather was just soooo beautiful this weekend - nothing like a shot of cool air in the middle of August to improve one's attitude.

Saturday I took My Kid & his friends fishing at the lake. We were out there all freaking day & they never caught one thing. I kinda felt bad for them. But I think they still had fun. I just sat under a tree in the shade and read a book.

Saturday evening Big Daddy came home with a new car...yes. A new car. A Cadillac CTS or something. I don't know. Anyway, they let him keep it for the weekend b/c you know car salesman - they'll do anything for a deal. I'm not sure if he'll keep it or not but he really, really likes it. And it's so HIM.

Sunday I cleaned house & did laundry. My typical Sunday. Finished my book. Watched "Charmed." Cooked dinner. Washed my hair. Changed the sheets. Went to bed. I don't think I even got online one time.

My Kid started back to school this morning. And I'm all out of practice on our morning routine. I kept running up & down the stairs b/c I was like, "Now, I eat breakfast...no wait, first I get dressed. Then I fix HIS breakfast...then I...no, I eat my breakfast, then...oh, hell."

Today I've been out of the office on a video shoot all day. And that takes me up to here - catching up on everyone's blogs & somewhat reluctantly catching you up on mine.

And I bet you thought I was going to have some great, dramatic story for why I'd been away.